TECOM customised “SIL RATED” – RADIO Conveyance communications systems  ” CERBERUS” allows to the rapid transfer of all safety and control information over long distances. Reducing the amount of wiring required to monitor Material Handling Conveyors or great distance. Using the TECOM High speed Radio data links, all your safety can now be SIL Rated.

One of the major concerns for any operation when working in the harsh Remote Area’s of Australia is personnel SAFETY.  (which of course is a the highest priority of any reputable operation) another is controlling equipment and infrastructure over large distances and of course ensuring no unplanned movements during and maintenance, servicing or inspections.

The TECOM ” CERBERUS” complete conveyance communications system is designed to ensure that safety of personnel whilst operating , working or inspecting any conveyance CERBERUS – REMOTE AREA BROCHURE

TECOM designs Installs and builds control, automation and communication systems for companies that operate in the Mining, and Material handling industries such as: Ore, Coal, Grain & Animal feed. We do this through our three main areas of expertise.  Understanding your needs is our top priority. We work with you to deliver superior results in a wide range of services quickly and efficiently.

Many of our clients work in extremely rugged and hostile environments that demand high-quality equipment and design solutions. **This is where TECOM set itself above its competitors by being able to work with our clients and provide expertise in site specific CUSTOMISED solutions.  Headquartered in Newcastle Australia with group partner offices throughout the world, TECOM can increase your organization’s productivity with our team of experienced engineers and technologists.

Save time and money with TECOM one-stop-shop for turn key solutions, from consultation to manufacturing, to implementation and testing.  We design and build control systems, special purpose machines, and complete automation systems for mining and mineral processing and a specialising “SIL RATED:” remote radio data, voice and video telemetry.   The system has the capabilities of conducting Control & Data Telemetry from isolated stations as well as provide video and voice communications which also assists in providing valuable security of your infrastructure.

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