Coal is mined all over the world in enormous quantities . As with all mining operations, it is not without its unique health and safety risks.  It is widely accepted, that during the mining of underground coal a variety of coal seam gases, such as methane, are often released. The TECOM GASVAC plant is a site specific customised gas extraction or drainage system, allowing unwanted these gases to be extracted or drained.  Our mine site gas plant GASVAC is a custom built mobile unit, either mounted on a trailer or skid to guarantee highest flexibility, allowing the customer to move the plant in line with site specific operation requirements.

Our GASVAC plant is designed to meet the toughest standard guidelines and site requirements.




TECOM was one of the pioneers of Gas Drainage Systems in NSW. We have built our reputation on providing the right solution for the individual needs of our clients, as with coal seam gas there is not a one size fits all approach.

Coal seam gas, extracted directly from the seam or drained from the goaf  regions of the mine, can be handled or processed in at least four separate ways:

♦ Fuel-natural gas powered electrical generators, giving power to the mine or electrical supply grid

♦ Compression to a liquid form of natural gas and sold on the open market

♦ Flaring to reduce green house gas emissions

♦ Gas venting to the atmosphere


The GASVAC mobile flare plant comes in three recommended sizes:

♦ 1,000 I/s = 3,600 m³/h

♦ 2,000 I/s = 7,200 m³/s

♦ 3,000 I/s = 10,800 m³/s


Every GASVAC plant is designed to meet site specific requirements, although some items are standard:

♦ PDA blower or liquid pump to ensure 

        » Vacuum >-30kpa

        »Output >6kpa

♦ Pilot flame & monitoring of pilot

♦ Monitoring of O2, CO2 & CH4 gases

♦ PLC control circuits with HMI

      »Remote radio telemetry optional

♦ Slam shut solenoid valves

♦ Flash back arrestor

♦ Flare stack, 10.5 m tall

♦ Vapor-liquid separator (flash drum, break-pot, Know-out drum or knock-out pot)

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