Dozer Telemetry System(DTS) 
A SIL2 rated Emergency Stop, Alert or Alarm system designed for use by the Dozer or other Mobile Plant Equipment operator in a Mine Operational Hazardous Zone

It Primary role is to aid in the prevention of avoidable incidents and or accidents thereby assisting in the reduction of injuries and fatalities. The ability of SIL rated system is that if the safety protocols are not meet the operator and control are alerted that system is in alarm or has faulted allowing them to take immediate action

The system has the ability to stop the Tripper and or Plough conveyors as well as valve operation. in the event an Emergency has occured ! At TECOM we strive to design and customise every solution to meet site specific requirements and compliance obligations.

As the DOZAFE system is GPS enabled locations of all equipment are shared in real time to the site control office. In the event of an incident response tomes will be drastically reduced which will of course assist in saving lives.  Protecting employees from dangers is the responsibility of us all . SEE ATTACH BROCHURE & ANIMATION:

DOZAFE – Hazard & Operational Area Safety   –   DOZAFE – ANIMATION

A Dozer operator interface (HMI) to the Main Plant monitoring system, provides tripper and plough position, belt status feedback and alarms.
DOZAFE tracks your mobile plant locations via GPS and provides alerts and alarms when an operator come to close to infrastructure of a previously identified and Geo Fenced hazard.
ALL hazardous areas and infrastructure can been continually updated alerting operators of new hazards or hazard that have moved. As new areas are mined new hazards are revealed such as new infrastructure etc.  The system is completely expandable in line with sites requirements  and all shutdown programming is controlled by the sites own Automation systems – PLC controllers.

DOZAFE is not only suited to industrial dozers it also works just as effectively on all other MINE SITE Hazardous Area Mobile Equipment. It has the capabilities to interface and enhance all safety personnel outcomes of Dump Trucks, Excavators, Haulage Vehicles and Graders

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