TECOM’s automated flammable gas analysis system TAFGAS is a process control and monitoring system, designed to check and report potentially dangerous gas concentrations in a mine.

Readings of the concentrations of various gases are made periodically at selected points throughout the mine and are checked against trigger setpoints. If a gas concentration exceeds the appropriate alarm set point, an audible alarm is raised to alert mine personnel to the presence of a potentially dangerous condition. The readings of gas concentrations are also recorded by a computer on disk files for historical trends and more refined analysis.

TAFGAS consists of a single system, capable of measuring the gas levels of carbon monoxide, methane, carbon dioxide and oxygen at any of the moveable sample points throughout the mine. Plastic tubes, collected together as bundles, allow air samples to be drawn to the surface where the TAFGAS takes readings of the gas concentrations.

The TAFGAS system consists of two main components: a PLC and an IBM compatible PC running under MS Windows. 

The PLC system controls the tube bundle system directly. The PLC software controls the sample tube selection, monitors the gas analysers and generates alarms, based on concentration of underground gases and the status of the monitoring equipment. 


Further components are:

♦ Analyser shed

♦ Suitable pump stand

♦ Calibration gas regulator panel and bottle restraints

♦ Analyser panel with sample system ( filtration, sample gas cooler. flow regulation components etc.)

♦ Calibration gas switching valves

♦ Bag inlet and bag outlet sample panel

♦ Sample and purge pump vacuum monitoring systems

♦ Sample point select panels ( sample point solenoids, filters, flame traps etc.)



♦ Ease to use though web-browser interface and large display

♦ Configuration, calibration and programming via Ethernet

♦ Calculator capability

♦ Internal PLC

♦ Alarm management: set alarms and send alarm messages to your email

♦ Data logger and log files on internal SD card or USB device

♦ New field housing with optional gas tight separation

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