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Products and Current Information


CORONAVIRUS Policy and Procedures

Australia is continuing to closely monitor the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19).

TECOM Australia has developed this Policy based on the latest advice available from the Australian Government

CoronaVirus Policy – Tecom


SIL2 Conveyance Communication

TECOM’S Conveyance Management System CERBERUS is a powerful SIL3 PLC based data acquisition device. 

Designed to interface with numerous different industry standard systems that support discrete SIL2 digital and analog I/O.

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SIL2 Stockpile Dozer Telemetry System

Dozer drivers work alone and often are operating in hazardous and sometimes even dangerous locations, where they are not in view and not under direct supervision. 

The nature of this type of work will often place dozer drivers at a higher risk of injury or even death. 

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Over the last two decades, TECOM has designed and built every size of gas drainage plant, available from the smallest skid mounted flare units operating at around 750 l/s up to massive fixed gas flaring plants. 

What ever your size we have the plant for you

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TECOM Australia – Designed / Engineered

A complete suite of communication packages-systems to meet all safety and data transfer needs, including:

  • COS 1

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If your looking to improve your sites safety and performance, we are here to assist with customised solutions for all your requirements.


Tuff Talk


The TUFF-Talk device is a fixed location audio station, designed to interface with a Winder Voice Radio Network.

The associated audio and PTT request are simply conveyed by a twisted-pair, reticulated from the required fixed location back to either the Winder Communications Panel or another fixed audio station (i.e. multi-dropped).

The unit can be powered by local 12VDC supply or an internal 100-240VAC switch mode power supply.

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Technical Reference Guide - NSW

Registration of Powered Winding System

The NSW Resource Regulator has recently gazetted a NEW Technical Reference Guide for Powered Winding Systems.  The effective commencement date of the Design Order 2020 is 1st Day of March 2021 ** Essentially, all Winders Drift, Shaft or Mobile requiring registration – existing or planned will be required to comply with this order from the commencement date.

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