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A bulldozer weighing 113-tonne ran straight into an unmarked test hole which filled with water. The horrific incident took place late last year at the Rio Tinto’s Bengalla mine which situated near
Muswellbrook. The driver was in the dozer when it fell straight into the unmarked hole, and the whole cabin flooded, but the driver escaped it by levering the door by using his foot.

According to one report by the Mine Safety Investigation Unit, the supervisors did not know about the existence of this test hole, and even the inspections were unable to figure out about the hazard.

The incident termed as “serious” and the one with “potential for harm.” The reports suggest that the main reason behind this accident was that this unmarked test hole filled with water due to heavy rain which led to this unfortunate incident. According to the reports, the bulldozer fell into the hole when the driver was trying to check the depth of the tunnel.


Some reports revealed that the driver was wet and there was less visibility because it was raining at that time.

The windows of the dozer, however, were cleared. Furthermore, the reports suggest that the preventive measures which now taken, since the incident took place, are to identify other potential hazards and are not used to test these holes.

Such an incident has not occurred for the very first time in the hunter; it has also happened in the past. Back in 2011, another Rio Tinto-owned dozer at the Mount Thorley Warkworth mine fell right into an unmarked sump while reversing.

The driver was trapped inside the cabin before it nearly submerged inside water. These types of accidents can prevent if necessary precautions prepared before the incident took place..

Source: https://www.theherald.com.au/story/2248616/bengalla-mine-dozer-accident-serious-report/

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Bulldozer Crushes…


A horrible incident in Albion, IN, took place where a bulldozer driver had to watch his co-worker get run over by another bulldozer without being able to do anything about it. The incident took place after dark at a construction site. However, the site had the right amount of light because of the light towers. According to the police investigators, a second bulldozer accidentally ran over the victim, a 46-year old man, while backing up when the victim failed to notice the bulldozer while talking to his co-worker, who was also a bulldozer driver.

When the victim finished his conversation with his co-worker, he accidentally dropped in front of the other bulldozer while the bulldozer was backing up which resulted in the death of the victim on the spot. The driver tried to get the attention of the other bulldozer’s driver, but he failed to do so resulting in the loss of life. The mystery behind the sad incident is yet to investigate thoroughly.
Now, several questions are piling up surrounding the incident> What is the reason behind the victim not noticing a bulldozer moving in front of him? Did the victim intentionally come under a moving bulldozer? What was safety equipment available to the driver alerting him his co-worker stepped right in front of the bulldozer? Hopefully.
The answers to these basic questions will be revealed during the investigation.
One must always be well aware of what their surroundings are because you never know what the future holds for you. It goes especially for those people who work around dangerous and heavy machinery. Workers working near heavy machinery always work under enormous risk, and it is imperative for them to be careful at all times.
If not, it can cost them their precious lives, as shown in the story above

Source: http://www.safetynewsalert.com/worker-run-over-crushed-to-death-by-bulldozer/

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BullDozer Sand Mi…

An employee was trapped in the bulldozer in Wisconsin at the Hi-Crush sand mine. When the employee was operating the bulldozer, it became submerged in the pond at the sand mine early morning Monday, May 21st, 2018.  According to the Leader-Telegram reports. Law requirement officers, rescue divers, firemen, paramedics, and other crisis emergency workers reacted rapidly to the 911 call that came in at 7:53 a.m, arriving at the worksite shortly thereafter.

Emergency rescue operations required the use of a water craft to reach the worker still trapped inside the stricken Dozer. Rescuers in the boat quickly pull the worker from the dozer and evacuated him to safety. In addition to this, Trempealeau sheriff also reported that there are several firefighters also faced some small injuries during the whole rescue operation. They were all subsequently released after treatment in the hospital.

The injured worker’s identity was not being yet released by the sheriff’s office as the investigation is taking place. No further information was able to be obtained regarding the actual cause of the incident or whether it involved simple human error.


As a result of incidents and accidents of this nature. Questions are raised, that need to be answered quickly. As they not only do they put the lives of workers in danger but also those of the rescue personnel who attends. It is difficult to assume what the reasons behind the accident were, or how serious this may have become. It is time for all companies to make workplace safety the number one priority over profits. In this case, it may be as simple as not receiving proper advice from industry safety experts.

In today age of advanced technology, why does this still happen?

Seeking the insight from International workplace safety expert Joseph Shultz.

“Training is always to considered the optimum way to prevent incidents of this type. Although, it must be stated that fatigue and work pressures will often be a contributing factor incident like this”. “So we need to take advantage of technologies that will alert vehicle and machinery operators of known site dangers. Including those safety aspects offered by GPS tracking and GEOfencing of dangerous or hazardous areas like DozerSafe and Trackalert”

When quizzing him as to why if preventative measures were available, why are they not in use in the mainstream. “Maybe its just simple as a lack of education or understanding of the technology on offer, or could be that the companies that offer these products haven’t reached the required audience.” Mr, Shultz replied

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