The TUFF-TALK device is a fixed location audio station, designed to interface with a winder voice radio system. The associated audio and PTT request are simply conveyed by a twisted-pair, reticulated from the required fixed location back to either the winder communications panel or another fixed audio station. The unit can be powered by a local 12 VDC supply or an internal 85-265 VAC switch mode power supply.

Typical fields of application are Mine Drift Winders, Mine Shaft Winders, Shaft Sinking Winders, Material Handling Plants and all kinds of Conveyors.





The Microphone is located in the center of the front panel and accepts the audio of a person’s speech, whenever the Press-to-Talk button is depressed.


The audio level, received from other devices, is controlled by the volume adjustment located on the front panel.

Power/PTT Indication

There is a 8mm diameter green LED located in the central area of the front panel. The IP67 rated LED will be partially illuminated to indicate optional capability and fully illuminated when the Press-to-Talk button is depressed.


To indicate communications from this device to other voice radio devices on this network, simply hold the Press-to-Talk button, speak towards the microphone and release to receive audio

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