In mine sites worldwide, batteries are used when no other source of supply is practical due to functional operational restrictions, environmental conditions and/or the physical design of the equipment. 

Although modern batteries are very reliable and store a great deal of energy to be delivered as required, the energy must be replaced regularly by a charging system. With mobile plant and equipment this is generally achieved by either constantly swapping batteries in and out of charging stations or by onboard charging systems like alternators or generators.

The continual swapping of batteries quite often leads to both the batteries’ life and electrical capacity autonomy being adversely reduced over time, as these effects usually occur when large amounts of energy have repeatedly been consumed/removed.


The solution – Onboard charging of batteries

Onboard charging systems are considered the best way to keep the batteries at an optimal level. Whilst in most mobile equipment applications the onboard generator/alternator is driven by an engine, there are some that use kinetic energy, derived from the angular rotation of a wheel, such as mine site winder conveyances on hoisting systems like cages, skips or dolly cars for both men and materials operations.

One issue faced by Kinetic Power Alternators is that they require a relatively high speed of angular shaft rotation to create sufficient voltage to effectively charge the batteries, typically over 1500 RPM. Often, the above mentioned conveyances will travel with very low speeds, not readily allowing sufficient rotation to achieve the necessary charging current. Therefore, depending on the duty of operation, the batteries would still require to be swapped out for off-conveyance charging, albeit on a less frequent rotation.

TECOM has designed the KPG-500 Kinetic Powered Generator, capable of delivering a charging current on either 12 VDC or 24 VDC battery supply systems.


Advantages of the KPG-500 over hitherto existing equipment:

♦ Charging current can be obtained as low as 300RPM

♦ Peak charging performance occurs at 600RPM

♦ Capable of producing 500W at the required voltage


In summary, TECOM’s new KPG-500 Kinetic Powered Generator is capable of delivering an impressive 20 Amp charging supply from previously kinetic energy at the required voltage.

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