TECOM’s SIL 3 rated  Conveyance Communication System CERBERUS enables fast and reliable transfer of all safety and control information over long distances. CERBERUS is capable of interfacing with several devices through SIL2 and SIL3 remote digital and analog I/O blocks all simultaneously. 5.8 GHz wireless data transfer between devices is achieved via SIL3 Ethernet concepts over a fixed point aerial network, providing a robust and safe means of sending safety-related data over long distances using the communications medium that suits the application best.




Remote area control and safety

One of the major concerns for any operation, when working in remote areas, is personnel safety. another is controlling equipment and infrastructure over large distances and of course ensuring no unplanned movements during operation, maintenance, servicing and inspections. CERBERUS is designed to ensure safety of personnel whilst operating, working or inspecting any conveyance.


Winder communication and control

Mine winders are considered a high risk plant, the failure of which has the potential for multiple fatalities. Some winders have the ability to carry in excess of 150 people in a single lift. CERBERUS is a fit for purpose communications system for any kind of winder and conveyance, that ensures the safety of the workforce and the continuous operation of the mine.

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